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FAST.Q Meets Dev8D

Posted on February 23rd, 2012 by Peter James Anderson

So FAST.Q recently took a trip to London for the Dev8D conference. With Dev8D being focused on HE it was a perfect place to get feedback about FAST.Q from other developers.

Along with DIVERSE, we took a trip down to the University of London Union. During the 3 day conference we managed to do lots of networking and give a ‘lightning talk’.

The lightning talk gave us the chance to tell other developers what FAST.Q was all about. Within the 5 minute talk we managed to explain all we wanted to about the FAST.Q project with a lengthy discussion after. From this we managed to get a few new ideas and some great feedback on current ideas.

With everything we managed to get done during the 3 days, FAST.Q also managed to win the ‘Best Flasher’ award.